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Welcome to our website. Thanks for visiting us.

We humbly aspire to be the best missionary resource database in the world; one simple, effective tool at a time.

From Vision to Movement, we consistently update this page with useful and field-tested resources to help you and your apostolic team keep moving forward in your harvest field region until there is No Place Left!

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  1. Vision > resources that help you abide in Christ, pray, and cast vision
  2. Entry > resources that help you start reaching people for Jesus
  3. Gospel > resources that help you invite people to repent and follow Jesus
  4. Disciple > resources that help you train new believers to obey Jesus
  5. Church > resources that help you plant healthy, reproducing churches
  6. Leader > resources that help you train humble and courageous leaders
  7. Movement > resources that help you sustain and multiply movements


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