Messiah King of Glory Prophecy

messiah king of glory

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Messiah King of Glory Prophecy (Hebrews 1)

I am calling you, my beloved children, deeper into my heart to experience more of my glory. Deep calls to deep. The further you journey into my majesty, the more you will understand your purpose and calling in this short life. I fill your lungs with breath, I spark every beat of your heart, I am with you through every challenge, and my love for you cannot be measured.

I made you free. If you did not have a choice on whom to worship, you would not truly be free. I love you so much, that I have allowed you freedom to decide the mark of your affections.

I know what you need, and I know what is best for your life, but to grant you true freedom, I have allowed the Fallen One to make himself a competitor for your heart’s desires. I want everyone to be saved, to know the truth, and follow my Messiah King of Glory.

Every day dawns with fresh mercies and gifts of grace. As the planet spins along her path around the sun, so I am moving you ever closer to myself. You will taste and see the truth, so that you will clearly hear my voice and humbly surrender to my call.

Can you hear my Spirit speaking, can you sense my revelation flowing like a river from heaven to earth? Be still, and listen. You are always welcome at my communion feast. Receive my love. Rest in my peace.

Prayer >

Father, your glory is the changing colors awakened by dawn. Your glory is the changing tides of vast oceans. Your glory is the countless stars in space. Your glory is the birth of a newborn child. Your glory is a husband and wife who stay together through every trial and temptation.

Your glory is a young man who repents of his thirst for wickedness and lays down his crown at your feet. Your glory is a human slave rescued from the pit and adopted by a family who embraces her as their own. Your glory will fill the earth, and the nations will sing your praises.

Now is the time to reflect on what lessons you have been teaching us. Now is the time to consider the journey we have tread. Now is the time to seek clarity of your will to say, “Speak, Lord, for your servants are listening.”

We do not want to build our own kingdoms or dream our own dreams. We want to live for you; we want to release your truth to all the nations. Amen.

Passages >

Creation Shepherd – God cares for his creation. He knows every animal and plant. He brings light to and waters the world with abundant life. (Psalm 104:13-35)

Glory Canopy – Our Messiah King will saturate heaven’s skies with a canopy of Yahweh’s glory, filling the new heavens and earth with majestic light. (Isaiah 4:2-6)

Persecuted Prophets – To speak for God is to embrace a life of persecution and suffering. We share in Jesus’ suffering because we love him. (Acts 7:44-60)

Radiant Majesty – God’s beauty, majesty, and glory are captured in our Anointed Messiah King. Salvation is here; taste and see that it is good. (Hebrews 1:1-12)

Living One – Our Messiah King of Glory is alive. He died to save the world, and God raised him back to life to bring all nations home to heaven. (Revelation 1:9-18)

Let’s keep making healthy disciples in every nation until there’s No Place Left!

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