My Rains Are Waterfalls Prophecy Video

my rains are waterfalls video

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Have you seen my rains fall? I am writing a love letter to the nations with every waterfall from heaven. As the clouds cover the sun from view, many of my children have hidden themselves in darkness; blind to the light of my love.

I send my rain to remind you that I love you, and that I have made a way back home to my kingdom through my Son Jesus. His reign is filling the earth even now as he brings all creation under his feet and rescues all remaining prisoners.

I will continue to send my rains until I return to reign. As I provide the rain, learn to expectantly wait for these waterfalls to nourish all the seeds you have faithfully sown. Though the wilderness seems dry, my rains refresh the soil and new life rises up, reaching for the light and producing fresh fruit.

Together we cultivate a fruitful harvest birthed from good soil across many lands. The seeds are breaking, the roots are reaching, and the branches are blooming.

My rains are waterfalls. My invitation to righteousness is open wide. Hope always remains for those who remember my deliverance and walk in my strength. I send the rain, and you receive my living water.

The light bows from horizon to horizon after the rain, a spectacle revealing my covenant promise of mercy and grace. The nations will see me and sing beautiful new songs!


Father, we praise your name and celebrate the rains. Thank you for ruling and reigning on high, for clothing yourself in greater glory that we cannot behold without becoming overwhelmed. Let it rain, Father, open the floodgates of heaven, and let it rain! Let the nations sing a new song of praise filling the skies with worship as the seas cover the earth’s face.

Yes, Lord, let it rain. We receive your blessings for this new season of harvest. We are unworthy, and yet through Christ you have anointed us with a righteousness we could never earn. So, we rest in you, God. We rest in your radical love, we receive your saving truth, and we release your righteous rains across the world.

You have never given up on your people, and no matter how often we wander in the wilderness, you call out to us beyond the river into your land of promise, an eternal home filled with joy and free of death. Maranatha, Lord Jesus!


Righteous Rains: Our Father shines light and pours rain upon all nations. He blesses all his creation despite their rebellion and calls forth salvation to spring up. (Isaiah 45:5-8)

Saving Truth: Our Father speaks clearly worldwide about his salvation. He made all nations to bring him glory as one people through Israel, and his truth sets us free. (Isaiah 45:18-20)

Secure Deliverance: Our Father calls all nations to praise his holy name. The whole world will bow down and sing of his total victory and complete deliverance. (Isaiah 45:22-25)

Rainbow Reminder: Every rain is a reminder of forgiveness and mercy. All falling water unleashes a bow of light that reveals our Father’s heart for world peace. (Genesis 9:12-16)

Radical Love: Every raindrop baptizes the nations in radical love: a love for enemies, forgiveness for betrayal, healing for shame. Blessing overcomes death. (Matthew 5:43-48)

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my rains are waterfalls

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