Covenant Baptizer Community Prophecy

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My church is made up of tens of thousands of covenant baptizer communities scattered across this generation. I have put my Spirit within you as a sign of the covenant promise I made to Abraham thousands of years ago that his anointed descendants would outnumber the stars. I have sealed you with myself through the blood baptism of my Son; I have raised you to life that you may walk in freedom and blaze brightly as beacons of hope.

I have baptized you in my righteousness; I have clothed you in a robe of holiness that covers your sins. My Son cried out with his dry, dying lips, “It is finished!” and my work to rescue and heal you is complete through the Messiah King I sent and returned back to myself. I am a God of covenants; not contracts. I do not enter into contracts with my people, and I do not require performance or proof of worth from my children. And neither should you of one another.

I have baptized you in truth; now walk in truth. I have baptized you in adoption; you are mine, and now I am yours. I am your inheritance. Keep your eyes fixed upon my Savior Son. I have anointed you with power to set captives free and advance my heavenly kingdom on earth. I have baptized you in suffering as the greatest gift I could release to my people, so that you will experience a taste of what my Suffering Servant did. United by Christ, you are a living, breathing, moving, multiplying community of faith, courage, humility, joy, and eternal hope.

Prayer >

Yes, Father, we praise you for adopting us as your children, for delivering us out of bondage and darkness into freedom and light. Thank you for being our Heavenly Father of covenants and not contracts, our Messiah King, Wonderful Counselor, and Faithful Companion. Thank you for raising us up to see your heart and see clearly your love for all nations and peoples. As you rearrange us, we will be faithful to prepare for your harvest dawning at the horizon.

We rest in your covenant adoption as beloved and anointed sons and daughters. We rest in your majesty and beauty, and we see clearly your love for all nations, and your compassionate heart to see all creation reconciled to yourself. Thank you for baptizing us in death so we may live. Thank you for baptizing us in righteousness that we may share in your holiness. Thank you for baptizing us in suffering, for we love Jesus, and we take delight in sharing his pain.

Passages >

  • Presence: Our Father has sealed his Holy Spirit in each of us as the sign of his covenant adoption. He is with us; he never leaves us or forsakes us. (Romans 8:9)
  • Righteousness: Yahweh’s covenant covers our sin and death in Jesus’ blood. His healing is perfect and deliverance complete. He washes his disciples clean. (Romans 8:10)
  • Resurrection: We are raised to live in Christ now through our repentance and faith. We will be resurrected again after we die by his Spirit upon his return. (Romans 8:11)
  • Suffering: The greatest blessing we can receive is sharing Jesus’ suffering. (Romans 8:17)

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covenant baptizer community

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