Rest Receive Release Training Video

rest receive release video

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An orality sketch adaptation of Ying & Grace Kai’s 3/3 discipleship process.

This training explains one simple process for making disciples that balances the Great Command (love God & each other) and the Great Commission (make disciples of all nations).

Rest (fire): When we gather together around Jesus, let’s share a meal, pray, sing his praises, prophesy, heal the sick, set captives free, interpret dreams and visions, confess our sins, share our struggles, baptize new believers, remember Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice, encourage and bless each other. Let’s rest in our Father’s heart together.

Receive (cloud/rainbow): Next, let’s dive into the Word of God to behold our King of Glory. Let’s focus on a Bible story or passage reading, listening, asking discovery questions, discussing the truth, receiving revelation from the Living, Active Word of God, asking the Holy Spirit to teach us about the depths and riches and glory of his heavenly kingdom.

Release (wave/water): Before the gathering is over, let’s discuss our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and all nations. Let’s practice telling the story to each other. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to counsel us to what he wants us to do next, what the Father’s will is for each of us. If we say we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with him. Let’s release to our neighbors and all nations whatever the Holy Spirit wants to do through our lives and leadership.

rest receive release master

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