Remain In Me Training Video

remain in me video

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Practice drawing seven simple sketches we use to train leaders on how to journey with Jesus, abide and rest in him, and remain in his love.

Vinekeeper & vine – Father Yahweh is the vine keeper and Jesus is the vine. Our heavenly Father loves his Son and always cares for and provides for him.

Vine, branches, & fruit – Jesus is the vine, we are the branches, the Holy Spirit is the living water. We are living water bridges. We do not produce fruit. We remain in Jesus and he bears lasting fruit through our lives.

Heart & crown – We live in Jesus and his words remain in us. His Word is a light to our path. He is the center of our lives, he is the foundation of our destinies. We seek first and only his kingdom and righteousness and he takes care of the rest. Our hearts belong to our Messiah King.

Branches & Flame – Our Father prunes the vine and branches. Any unfruitful branch he cuts off of the vine and burns up in the fire. This teaching is a hard saying about Judgement Day and the Lake of Fire set apart for those who do not remain in Jesus and live for themselves or try to produce their own fruit. They will be separated from Jesus forever.

Well & Fountain – We receive joy by remaining in Jesus. We flow with him, and we receive life and purpose from him. Even in suffering and changing seasons, we are at peace because we are in him. Our lives overflow with his resurrection life, spiritual gifts, and blessings to all nations.

Cross & Christ – The greatest demonstration of love in all the universe is when someone lays down their lives for someone else (martyrdom). John 15 is a part of Jesus’ last words to his disciples at the Last Supper before he was rejected, imprisoned, condemned, crucified, and died. Jesus sacrificed his life for all mankind. Gabriel told Mary that “Jesus” means “he will save his people from their sins.”

Bowl & Fruit – The purpose of kingdom living is to enjoy a covenant communion relationship with the Father, Son, and Spirit. Jesus ends this teaching with a focus on the relationship we share and enjoy with him. The bowl of fruit illustrates how we get to enjoy the “fruitfulness” of the fruit Jesus bears through his disciples, and he will even increase our fruitfulness as we persevere in remaining in him.

Let’s keep making disciples of all nations until there’s #NoPlaceLeft

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