Harvest Fields Handbook

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<+ Harvest Fields Handbook +>

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Overview >

Our team has often been asked, “What are your basic training lessons?”

If we only had 4-6 sessions with a church planter or church planting team, we would choose to spend our time:

  • singing, praying, dreaming, and encouraging
  • drinking coffee or tea
  • drawing these sketches
  • discussing these lessons
  • discovering next steps in the harvest field

Lesson List >

  • Identity in Christ (who is He and who am I)
  • Fire House (team diversity and mission)
  • Calendar Mapping (how do I balance my time)
  • Spiritual Warfare (armor and power)
  • Kingdom Prayer (how to maintain the main thing)
  • Prayer Walking (house of peace)
  • Jesus’ Story (share the gospel)
  • Generations Map (follow up)
  • Gathering Guide (healthy church)
  • Vision 2 Movement (multiply)

Please leave a comment with questions.

Let’s keep making disciples until there’s #NoPlaceLeft


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