3/3 Process Gathering Guide Training

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Use the Gathering Guide at every gathering to balance your time. The 3/3 reproducing discipleship process was developed by Ying and Grace Kai in China, and the Lord has used this pattern of obedience-focused training to catalyze many church planting movements.

+ Training +

 Holy Spirit (fire): Let the Spirit guide your meeting.

Step One (back arrow): Last week questions.

  •  Abide (worshipper): How did you abide last week?
  •  Harvest (witness): Whom did you share with?

Step Two (up arrow): Discover truth as you discuss and practice telling a Bible story.

  •  God (throne/crown): What do we learn about God?
  •  People (man/woman): What do we learn about people?
  •  Practice: Practice telling this week’s story in groups.

Step Three (forward arrow): Next week questions.

  •  Abide (heart): How will you abide?
  •  Harvest (fishing): Whom will you share with?

Please leave a comment below with stories of how you’re using orality resources to make disciples in your harvest fields.



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