House Of Prayer War Room


House of Prayer War Room

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The House of Prayer War Room is a gathering place in a disciple’s home, business, or church facility set apart for worship, prayer, vision, training, and strategic planning.

Disciples meet together regularly to encourage each other and track #NoPlaceLeft progress locally and globally as the Holy Spirit leads each harvest field team.

Resources >

City + Communities Map > Put up a city map of every community and region of your city for tracking emerging gospel movements. Tag the communities where you are sending out house of peace teams, and develop strategies for reaching unengaged places.

Freedom/Identity Verses > Put up a list of key Scriptures about Christian freedom and identity that encourage and strengthen your team through suffering and persecution.

Generations Map > Use a white board or large paper sheets to draw sketches of your map of unchurched people you are engaging and reaching with the gospel.

Gospel Tool > Put up a picture or sketch of your simple, reproducing gospel tool(s) that everyone in your network has been trained to share as they go and make disciples.

Nations Map > Put up a list of the people groups and nations you have met on community outreaches and prayer walks to track the global impact of your teams.

Prayer List > Put up a list you update often of key people in your city that you are covering in prayer, asking for breakthrough in their lives, and with whom you follow up.

Progress Pictures > Put up a mosaic of pictures you have taken from outreaches, prayer walks, house of peace fellowships, community service, etc. to help everyone see visually the on-going impact your harvest field teams are making in your region.

World Map > Put up a world map of every nation for Acts 1:8/Matthew 24:14 prayer.

Until there’s No Place Left!

Please leave a comment with a story or picture of your war room.

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