Jesus Resurrects Lazarus Story


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Jesus taught openly that He is Yahweh’s Messiah, and His role in saving the world was death and resurrection (Mark 8:31). Jesus also taught that anyone who follows Him must die, because kingdom fruitfulness is only possible through death and resurrection (John 12:23-25). When Jesus demonstrated publicly that He could raise a dead soul out of Sheol, the spirit realm of the dead, He sealed His destiny to die on the cross (John 11:46-53).

In the master icon, Jesus holds a staff illustrating His assignment to shepherd Lazarus out of death into life. Jesus affectionately holds Yahweh’s hand, and they both weep illustrating their great sorrow and broken hearts over death and Israel’s rejection of their Messiah’s divine signs. Two disciples release their faith and rejoice at the resurrection miracle. Mary and Martha release their faith, reach towards their brother Lazarus, and stand in the Living Water river flow of love, healing, and truth awakening.

Lazarus runs toward his sisters with the Holy Spirit upon him overwhelmed that he was dead, and now he is alive! Two local Jews stand by the open tomb believing in Jesus as the Resurrection and the Life. The colorful linen cloths illustrate the bridge between earth and Sheol, the spirit realm of the dead, where Yahweh’s guardian angels and warrior cherubim watch over resting souls as they await Judgement Day. The cherubim focus face is a man, illustrating the mortality and vulnerability of resting souls in Yahweh’s care.

The red fruit tree by Jesus prophetically illustrates the blood He will shed on the cross. The path to Jerusalem is blocked by angry spiritual leaders. The roaring dragon calls for Jesus’ death. The raging storm over Jerusalem illustrates the acceleration of Jesus’ rescue mission on Calvary Road. The cherubim focus face in heaven is an eagle illustrating Father Yahweh’s heart for Israel to embrace His glory and power through His Son.

The seraphim, a worship angel, is singing a rainbow over Jerusalem illustrating Yahweh’s desire to bless His people and minister His kingdom wisdom, gifts, and compassion to them. We chose to destroy His Anointed One.

Jesus Resurrects Lazarus story sketches

Sketch #1: Empty tomb – This sketch is the story logo. This miracle story is about Jesus resurrecting a dead man out of Sheol.

Sketch #2: Dead Man – This sketch illustrates the first part of the story where Lazarus becomes sick and dies. Jesus waits for him to die, and then He goes to visit his family.

Sketch #3: Resurrection – This sketch illustrates the second part of the story where Jesus talks to Mary and Martha and resurrects Lazarus.

Sketch #4: Cross & Priest – This sketch illustrates the third part of the story where many believed in Jesus. The religious leaders rejected Jesus and planned His crucifixion.

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