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People are busy and churches offer many ministry options.

Our primary mission from our Master and King Jesus Christ is to “make disciples.”

So, before we bury our church members in a thousand ministries, let us first be faithful stewards of Jesus’ Great Commission and equip every disciple to make disciples.



+ Training +

Focus Passage > Matthew 28:16-20

Make Disciples (fishing pole & fish) >> Disciples make new disciples (Matthew 28:19). >> Jesus asked His disciples to follow Him and fish for people (Mark 1:17-18).

Yahweh’s Authority (Jesus & crown) >> Father Yahweh has given all authority in heaven and earth to His Son and Messiah Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18). >> The whole world and all creation belongs to the LORD (Psalm 24:1).

Go (athlete) >> Disciples make disciples as they go (Matthew 28:19). >> Jesus sent His disciples as teams into many towns to search for open homes (Luke 10:1).

All Nations (bridge over river) >> Disciples make new disciples among people from every nation (Matthew 28:19). >> Jesus will not return until His Church has successfully made disciples among every nation, people, language, and tribe (Matthew 24:14).

Baptize (water) >> Disciples baptize new disciples in the Father’s name “Yahweh,” His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19). >> Disciples baptize new disciples immediately; on the same day they decide to follow Jesus (Acts 8:36-38).

Teach to Obey (rod & staff) >> Disciples train new disciples to obey everything our Lord and Master Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:20). >> We demonstrate our love for, faith in, and covenant friendship with Jesus by obeying Him (John 15:14-15).

Yahweh’s Presence (fire) >> Disciples commune with God through the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:20). >> The Holy Spirit never leaves us alone. He guides us into all truth, reveals the future, and glorifies Jesus (John 16:13-14).

Make Disciples Stories >>

  • Yahweh Commissions Joshua (Deuteronomy 31:1-23)
  • Elijah Recruits Elisha (1 Kings 19:19-21)
  • Jesus Makes Disciples (Mark 1:14-39)
  • House of Peace Strategy (Luke 10:1-24)
  • Jesus Washes Many Feet (John 13:1-15)
  • Peter’s Disciple Movement (Acts 2:1-47)
  • Paul Recruits Timothy (Acts 16:1-10)

Please leave a comment below with stories of how you’re using orality resources to make disciples in your harvest fields.


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