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Yahweh created Satan as the most beautiful cherubim in Heaven; adorned with every kind of precious stone and blessed with divine wisdom and special anointing (Ezekiel 28:11-14). Satan was designed to worship the Almighty and bring Him glory, but he was not satisfied; so, he tried to become a god himself and lost everything (Isaiah 14:12-21). Satan knows the prophecy of his approaching doom and punishment to burn forever in the Lake of Fire with no escape; so, his only purpose in this Age is to prevent that prophecy from being fulfilled (Revelation 20:7-15).

When Satan saw Jesus miraculously feed 5,000 men and their families, he led the multitude to attempt to force the Messiah to become their king, and Jesus fled alone to the nearby mountain, because Jesus knew He had to die as the Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53) before He could reign as the Resurrected King (Luke 24:13-27). At this point, the disciples were totally perplexed on what to do: they had witnessed their Master reject a collective offer by the Jews to become their King and flee into the mountains.

After waiting for awhile with no sign that Jesus would return, they went back to their boat to sail home, and Satan saw a perfect opportunity. The dragon roaring, surrounded by dark skies, stormy seas, and lightning strikes, illustrates the devil’s plan to drown Jesus’ closest and most loyal companions in the Sea of Galilee. The hands above and below the boat illustrate Father Yahweh’s favor and protection of His Son’s mission team to keep them safe until Jesus arrived to deliver them from Satan’s strategy to murder them.

Jesus walks toward the boat upon a path of fire holding a blazing sword and surrounded by guardian angels with the Holy Spirit (dove & fire) upon Him illustrating the supernatural power and protection God gave Him to walk on water, find His disciples, deliver them from death, and transport the boat to shore. The disciples were terrified by His glory and then relieved to be rescued.

Walk On Water story sketches

Sketch #1: Jesus on water – This sketch is the story logo. This sketch illustrates how this story is about Jesus walking on water to rescue His disciples from death by drowning.

Sketch #2: Boat – This sketch illustrates the first part of the story where Jesus’ disciples waited for their Master and then decided to sail home at night when He did not return.

Sketch #3: Wind – This sketch illustrates the second part of the story where the disciples became lost in a raging storm. They saw Jesus walking on water and were afraid.

Sketch #4: Believing disciple – This sketch illustrates the third part of the story where Jesus’ disciples witness Him transport their boat instantly across a great distance.

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