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Heavenly Father, may your name be worshipped in all of Poland until there is No Place Left! May your name be honored and sung, and we confess our complete dependence upon you to reach all the unreached and unengaged tribes in this nation. Your kingdom come here and to the ends of the earth. May your will be done by all the people in this nation as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread, and we trust you to provide all we need to follow you and be your witnesses. Please forgive us our sins through Jesus Christ, and help us to love our enemies and forgive those who persecute us. Prepare us to be rejected by people when we share the gospel, and remind us that they are ultimately rejecting you and not us. Lord, protect us from temptation to sin again, and deliver us from the increasing attacks of the enemy.

We make a fresh covenant with you today to share the gospel and make new disciples in all of Poland and Europe until the Lord returns. In Jesus’ name, amen!

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  • Harvester (person praying): Lord, teach us to pray for Poland. Train us to pray without ceasing. Give us a blazing burden for this nation. Raise up an army of faithful disciples who are committed to No Place Left Poland!
  • Heavens (cloud & swords): Pray for God to open up the heavens and pour out his favor and power over all of Poland. Ask him to tear down and overcome demonic strongholds in this nation.
  • Highways (road): Pray for God to open up roads and build bridges to the unreached and unengaged peoples and places in Poland.
  • Homes (open door): Pray for God to prepare homes of peace and open doors for his disciples to reach new families for Christ.
  • Hearts (heart): Pray for many people of peace to be broken for their sins and repent, and pray for them to follow Jesus as Lord and be baptized.
  • Hands (plant): Pray for those who come to Christ to receive the spiritual leadership mantle of becoming indigenous reconciliation ambassadors for Christ and reproducing disciple makers of their family, friends, and neighbors.
  • Harvest (wheat bundle): Pray for generational growth and sustainable church planting movements in Poland. Pray for a great harvest among the people. Ask our heavenly Father to ignite a revival in this nation that results in the people here worshipping Jesus Christ and bringing honor and glory to his name!

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