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+ A Prayer For Baghdad City +

Father, we cry out to you today on behalf of the people of the City of Baghdad. Baghdad’s ancient name is “Madinat Al-Salaam” which means “City of Peace.”

How far this place has fallen from her original inheritance. We ask for mercy upon the families who lost loved ones.

Men, women, and children slain by violent, deceived fools. For those who have lost their precious family members, we declare comfort and peace.

Shelter them under your wings of refuge, precious Ancient of Days!

For ISIS, we ask for dreams and visions of your kingdom, that these rage-filled warriors will turn from their sin, repent of their wickedness, and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Saul used to love stoning the innocent to death, and Jesus, you showed up in the sky and confronted him face to face with his terrorism. (Acts 9)

You baptized him in blindness for three days illustrating his spiritual blindness to the truth.

Isaiah 61 says Your Spirit is upon us, your children, to set captives free, and you tell us in Ephesians 6 to pray at all times in the Holy Spirit.

What sets us free from all religions and governments is unconditional love for everyone, and hunger and thirst to see everyone come into a secure, eternal future with Jesus Messiah because of the price he paid on the cross, surrendering to his brothers and sisters’ will to crucify him, and his heavenly Father’s will to curse him, that we might be free.

If the Son sets us free, then we are truly free.

Lord, turn this nightmare in the City of Baghdad into a dream of peace that will baptize all of the Middle East, the EurAsian continent, and the whole world in your glorious love, power, and deliverance by the mighty name and saving power of Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.

So be it.

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