No Place Left July 2016 Update

NPL July 2016

+ No Place Left Movement July 2016 Update +

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Four Current Trends >

  • 0-1 – People reaching the lost, baptizing, and training them to obey Jesus.
  • Event Training – Teaching existing believers how to abide and make disciples.
  • Assessment/Coaching – Evaluating ministry and leaders and planning next steps.
  • Tech/Communications – Websites, online training, resourcing movements.

No Place Left Trends

Trend #1: 0-1

  • Churches believing Jesus. He said, “The harvest is great.” (Luke 10:2)
  • Living in Expectation
  • Engaging the Lost
  • Oikos: family, friends, neighbors (John 4)
  • House of Peace (Luke 10)

Trend #2: Event Training

  • Biblical, simple, and reproducing Gospel tools
  • Repetition (practice)
  • Confident, competent, and committed disciples
  • Churches committed to seeing #NoPlaceLeft
  • Commitment to ongoing discipleship and training
  • Swarm training: larger gathering with multiple experienced practitioners

Trend #3: Assessment/Coaching

  • Iron on Iron – personal life and ministry
  • Online training
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Commitment to planting the next church (reproducing Field Four)
  • Best practices from around the world.

Trend #4: Tech/Communications

  • Cell phones
  • Websites
  • Podcasts
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • DiSkypleship (Skype, Google hangouts, Zoom)
  • Shared Google docs

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