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From Vision to Movement, our Lord Jesus has given to us in Scripture a clear strategy of how to abide daily in Him and fish for people of peace in harvest fields until we witness disciple making and church planting movements.

Train your team in the amazing Acts 2 story of how Jesus’ faithful, post-ascension team received the power of His Holy Spirit to catalyze a healthy disciple making and church planting movement.

The sketches will help you reproduce this training among people in your influence who cannot read.

Ask your teammates this question as you pray for discernment from the Holy Spirit >

“What will it take for the Lord Jesus to reproduce Acts 2 through us in our harvest field?”

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Vision (three arrows) >> Peter cast vision for the people of Jerusalem to know how Jesus is Yahweh’s prophesied Messiah. (Acts 2:22) >> Without vision, people die. (Proverbs 29:18) >> Yahweh will fill the whole world with His glory. (Habakkuk 2:14) >> The vision of our generation is to achieve No Place Left. (Romans 15:23)

Bridges (map pin) >> The Holy Spirit comes upon disciples to give them boldness to proclaim the kingdom to those not yet in the kingdom (Acts 2:6) >> Disciples learn to build conversation bridges to unreached people from all nations. (Acts 2:9-11) >> Jesus invited His disciples to follow Him and become fishers of people. (Mark 1:17)

Gospel (cross & empty tomb) >> Jesus’ disciples preach His resurrection gospel. (Acts 2:32) >> Disciples invite the lost to repent of sin, believe in Jesus, and confess Him as Lord. (Acts 2:40) >> Disciples intentionally share the gospel with everyone so they have an opportunity to hear the truth and be rescued from Hell. (Romans 10:14)

Disciple (fruitful plant) >> The Lord is calling many families and tribes among all peoples to enter His kingdom and become His children. (Acts 2:39) >> Disciples are invited to be baptized and become faithful, obedient followers of their Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 2:41-42) >> Disciples are commissioned to make other disciples by baptizing new believers and training them to obey all the Lord’s commands. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Church (wheat bundle) >> Jesus’ disciples gather regularly together in local fellowships to practice unity and minister kingdom gifts to each other. (Acts 2:46) >> Local churches maintain the unity and peace of Jesus and His Spirit. (Ephesians 4:2-6) >> The Holy Spirit is speaking; let all the churches listen and obey. (Revelation 2:29)

Leader (rod & staff) >> Leaders are with the people; eating together, teaching the Word, and praying together. (Acts 2:42) >> Leaders love people like Jesus did, having compassion on people and journeying alongside them. (Mark 6:34) >> Leaders die daily to self so the Lord can produce a fruitful harvest through them. (John 12:24)

Movement (wave) >> A growing network of disciples filled with the Holy Spirit and partnering with Him to preach the kingdom boldly to the nations. (Acts 2:3-4) >> Every day, people deciding to follow Jesus in a local region. (Acts 2:47) >> When the DNA of the kingdom is healthy, we witness a great harvest 30, 60, and 100 fold. (Mark 4:20)

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