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A major barrier to healthy movement in today’s Church is the time and authority limitations on how long new disciples must wait to be baptized and who may baptize them.

Use this tool to train leaders in the biblical foundation for these answers.

In these ten Bible stories, you will witness the same pattern:

  1. Hear the gospel
  2. Believe in Jesus
  3. Confess him as Lord
  4. Be baptized immediately

Story Set >

  • Jesus’ First Church (Acts 2:37-47) Three thousand new disciples were baptized the same day as salvation. (Acts 2:41)
  • Samaria Signs & Wonders (Acts 8:4-13) Social outcasts, demon-possessed, sorcerers, and sick are all set free. (Acts 8:12)
  • Ethiopian Official’s Baptism (Acts 8:26-40) An African eunuch is saved, baptized, and commissioned. (Acts 8:38)
  • Jesus Saves Saul (Acts 9:1-19) Saul the Persecutor has a vision, goes blind, and repents. (Acts 9:18)
  • Gentile Pentecost Day (Acts 10:34-48) Peter has a vision and preaches the gospel to Cornelius’ family. (Acts 10:48)
  • Philippi House of Peace (Acts 16:11-15) Paul reaches Lydia’s family with the gospel. (Acts 16:15)
  • Philippi Jailbreak Miracle (Acts 16:25-40) A jailer and his whole family believe in Jesus. (Acts 16:33)
  • Corinth Church Planting (Acts 18:1-17) Crispus the synagogue leader and his family follow Jesus. (Acts 18:8)
  • Holy Spirit Baptism (Acts 19:1-7) Paul baptized John’s disciples into Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. (Acts 19:5)
  • Paul’s Missionary Call (Acts 22:6-22) Paul tells his missionary calling story to the murderous Jerusalem mob. (Acts 22:16)

Discovery Questions >

  • Why did they baptize?
  • When did they baptize?
  • Where did they baptize?
  • Whom did they baptize?
  • How did they baptize?

SOURCE: George Tupper, Steve Smith, 2011

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