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Watch the “Church Planting Multiplication” video here.

Instructions > Share this movement video with your church and leadership team. Discuss the implication of this video’s message for your global No Place Left vision, and make a plan for the next week to make new disciples and plant new churches among all nations and tribes in your harvest field region.

Main message > Jesus trained his disciples in a natural strategy to finish the Great Commission: train disciples to multiply the gospel through existing family and community relationships (oikos strategy).

Prophetic Prayer >

Heavenly Father, no generation before us has completed the Great Commission. Lord, we don’t want to leave the Great Commission to the next generation. So, Lord, anoint us and empower us, all of us, to make reproducing disciples until there’s No Place Left!

Father, we ask you tear down all religious hierarchies in the church today. We ask for a release of kingdom authority over every disciple of your kingdom, no matter their gender, age, education, or culture.

We commit ourselves to be living sacrifices for your glory, and we ask you to multiply the gospel through us to every unreached and unengaged nation, people, language, and tribe until you tell your Son it is time for him to return to earth and inaugurate the next age.

We love you, and we will obey you, precious Lord. In Jesus’ name amen!

Vision 2 Movement

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