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Satan used to be beautiful and wise; the special treasure of Yahweh’s spirit realm kingdom. In a heart-breaking lament, the Lord reflects on how he used to call the devil “Morning Star” and “Son of the Dawn.” (Isaiah 14:12) He was adorned with the most precious of stones such as emerald and turquoise. He was anointed and ordained as a guardian cherubim and given great responsibility in Yahweh’s created universe. (Ezekiel 28:13-16)

But God found wickedness in Satan’s heart, and cast him out of heaven along with a host of angels, now demons, who decided to follow his leadership. Now, this rebellious dragon is like a roaring lion constantly on the prowl searching for someone to devour. (Isaiah 14:13-20, 1 Peter 5:8, 2 Peter 2:4)

The master icon illustrates this wicked, rage-driven dragon visiting Yahweh’s starving and weak son Jesus Christ with the ultimate temptation: he attempted to divide and conquer the trinitarian godhead. The dragon holding a glowing crown next to Jesus in the wilderness illustrates the enemy’s strategy to tempt Jesus away from God’s plan to redeem the world through his promised Messiah.

The first temptation shows Jesus breathing upon a stone and turning it into bread. The second temptation shows Jesus throwing himself off the temple and angels catching him midair as witnesses bow down and worship him. The third temptation shows Jesus on a high mountain witnessing all the kingdoms of the world and being offered lordship. He sees the whole world in his hands, and the sun and stars as his servants all without being rejected, tortured, and crucified.

The dark red shooting star illustrates the satanic nature of these visions: a reality Satan desires to create where he is equal with Father Yahweh and recruits God’s Son to be his demon army general. Jesus is holding a fire sword and shield of faith illustrating how he was sober and alert, prepared for the dragon’s lies and temptations. Jesus depended completely upon the Holy Spirit (dove & fire) to empower him to fight and overcome.

Satan Tempts Jesus story sketches

Sketch #1: Snake & crown – This sketch is the story logo. This sketch illustrates the dragon offering Jesus a crown if he would bow down and worship him.

Sketch #2: Bread – This sketch illustrates the first temptation where Satan asks Jesus to turn stones into bread.

Sketch #3: Angel – This sketch illustrates the second temptation where Satan asks Jesus to throw himself off the Jerusalem temple and prove he is God’s Son.

Sketch #4: Mountain – This sketch illustrates the third temptation where Satan shows Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and offers him a crucifixion-less kingship.

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Satan Tempts Jesus Art

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