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Good Friday Vision Video

Watch “What’s So Good About Good Friday?” video here.

Instructions > Share this gospel video with your church and leadership team. Discuss the implication of this video’s message for your No Place Left vision, and make a plan for the next week to make new disciples and plant new churches among all nations and tribes in your harvest field region.

Main message > What’s so good about Good Friday? Just one thing: that the blood of Jesus can reverse the curse of sin and raise the dead to life.

Prophetic Prayer >

Heavenly Father, we cry out to you as a people for forgiveness for all the sins of our generation. We put you on that cross, Jesus. Our sins nailed your hands to the cross, and as we crushed you with all the sins of all humanity for all history past, present, and future until Judgment Day, you cried out with your last breath, “It is finished!” You overcame the grave, and you paid our debt and set us free and gave us victory!

Thank you, precious Lord Jesus.

Father, we humbly ask you for an acceleration of the Great Commission in our generation until there’s No Place Left! Here we are, send us out. We will not look to a future generation to end the Great Commission, and we will not leave the spreading of the Good Friday and Easter Sunday gospel to anyone else. Use our mouths, anoint our tongues, and embolden our feet in the name of Jesus Christ!

How many more Good Friday services will there be, O Lord? Though we know that we will always for all eternity remember how Jesus became the slain Lamb, there will be a day with no more mission to spread the gospel because the whole church will have finally taken the gospel to everyone on earth. Let us be that generation, blessed King of kings. Pour out your Holy Spirit upon us, and baptize us with faith and boldness to lay every thing down and cast all hindrances aside and finish the race that our forefathers began to run two thousand years ago.

It’s been a long race, Lord, and we are a tired and desperate people. But through the power of your Holy Spirit, we release our faith that the end is coming soon. Find us faithful to abide in your heart every day and obey your commands. Help us take captive every day for the multiplication of your glory until there’s No Place Left in the mighty saving name of Jesus Christ, amen!

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