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The Four Fields Bookmark is designed to be a simple resource for disciple makers. This bookmark has seven effective training tools that many missionaries use all around the world for basic training. We have also developed an orality version for you to use in harvest field contexts where your disciples cannot read English. The orality bookmark does not require translation, which means the trainer can use the sketches to train anyone in any language or level of education. #NoPlaceLeft

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Four Fields > The four fields training tool is a simple strategy from Mark 4 that helps leaders assess their Great Commission progress in making new, reproducing disciples and planting new, reproducing churches in a geographical region or among an unengaged people group.

Go Tell Map > The Go Tell map is a simple resource for helping a disciple map out a network of people they know including family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. The arrows represent disciples making disciples. The water lines represent baptized disciples. The number lines represent generations of new disciples.

My Story trainingOrality My Story

My Story > The My Story training is the personal testimony tool. We use this tool to train a disciple how to share their salvation story in three parts: 1) Their life before Christ, 2) How they met Jesus and their rebirth story (John 3:3-8), 3) Their life following Christ and in community with other disciples.

Jesus’ Story > This Jesus’ Story training tool is also known as the 3 Circles gospel tool. We use this tool to share with people we meet in the harvest field how Jesus the Messiah delivers us from a broken life of death into a healed and restored life that pursues God’s plan. Remember to invite your friend to follow Jesus and be baptized after sharing Jesus’ story with them.

Three Thirds Process > The 3/3 process is also called “obedience-based discipleship.” This training pattern was developed in China through the Holy Spirit’s leadership of some missionaries. We achieve three goals in each discipleship gathering:

  1. Look back > Accountability for last week’s plan. How did I abide in Jesus? How did I share Jesus in the harvest field?
  2. Look up > Discuss a new Bible story or passage. What do we learn about God? What do we learn about people?
  3. Look forward > Make a new plan for next week. How will I abide in Jesus? How will I share Jesus in the harvest field?

Basic Training > The basic training lessons are also called “Commands of Christ.” These nine discipleship lessons are basic obedience training for new followers of Jesus Christ. Use the three-thirds process for each training lesson.

Healthy Churches > The healthy churches training tool helps discipleship gatherings become healthy churches. This field four tool is critical to the sustainability of movements. Draw the Acts 2 church activities your group is currently doing inside the church circle, and draw the Acts 2 church activities your group is not doing outside the circle. Then, make a plan to add Acts 2 church activities inside the circle as soon as possible, and meet regularly with your leadership team to evaluate health and multiplication goals. You do not need money, property, or paid staff to plant new, healthy churches. You just need God’s Word, the Holy Spirit, and your teammates.

Witness Gospel Tool

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