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The Task Unfinished

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Lord, we fall on our knees and cry out to you as one family, “Give us the strength to finish the task you gave your first disciples!” We know from your word that the last generation will face more persecution and suffering than any before them. We stand ready, Lord! On behalf of over 2 billion people on earth who still have yet to hear the name “Jesus,” we ask for you to intervene in our world like never before, and help us finish the Great Commission.

Heavenly Father, one day the task will be done, and we will hear the trumpet call, and we will see your face and your glory baptize the whole world in fire! Until then, we ask you to use our generation to finish the task to make new disciples from all peoples and tribes, all nations and languages until there is No Place Left. Lord, shepherd our generation to be servant leaders and faith-filled, bold ambassadors of reconciliation who take up their crosses and follow you. We have decided to follow Jesus, and there is no turning back. The world behind us, the cross before us. Our crosses we will carry until we see Jesus. Though none go with us, still we will follow you, because you saved us, and we are free in Jesus!

Father, unleash a whole generation of cross-cultural missionaries who research the nations, identify the unreached people in every corner of this amazing world, and sell all they have to go to the unreached and unengaged. Help us, Lord, because we can’t do it without you, and we are unworthy to be used by you to multiply your glory. We believe that you have chosen us to complete the unfinished task, so we say, “Here we are; send us out!” In the mighty name of Jesus we pray, amen.

The Task Unfinished Infographic >

The Task Unfinished Infographic

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