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Our No Place Left Bible page is a place where we collect Bible story discussion sets and tools. These strategic and reproducible resources empower disciples, groups, and churches to discuss Bible stories and discern truth through the Holy Spirit’s teaching ministry. The power of  multiplication is unleashed in a disciple making network through the Holy Spirit when trainers release teaching authority and experience to their students.

When you visit the Bible page, you will see these tool categories:

  1. Bible story sets
  2. Bible book sets
  3. Discipleship question sets

Tool Design Filters >

The following list are the filters we use to create these Bible story discussion tools.

  • Home church context
  • Illiterate audience
  • Non-English-speaking audience
  • Orality culture
  • Easily memorized story names
  • Spiritual lessons built into Bible story names
  • Story length that’s not too long for a one-hour Bible story discussion gathering
  • Obedience-based discipleship
  • The centrality of all Scripture around Jesus Christ as King, Savior, Baptizer, Healer, and Deliverer.
  • The fundamental hermeneutic of all Scripture being understood through the lens of Father Yahweh’s redemptive acts towards Israel and all nations as He builds one eternal, global kingdom of freedom and righteousness under the headship of his Messiah-Son Jesus Christ empowered and sustained by our Counselor and Companion, the Holy Spirit.

Visit our Bible page here.

No Place Left Orality Sketches

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