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Moses told the people of Israel right before he died that Yahweh is an all-consuming fire and jealous for his glory (Deuteronomy 4:24). God spoke through the famous prophet Isaiah, “I am Yahweh, that is my name, and I will not share my glory with any other gods or overlook the worship of idols” (Isaiah 42:8). When Elijah faces off with hundreds of demon worshipping prophets, Israel has all but forgotten their covenant God. Ahab is on the throne, and he is under the control of a wicked queen named Jezebel. She is under satanic assignment to destroy Israel’s prophets and thereby silence the prophetic voice in Israel (1 Kings 18:13).

In the master icon, Yahweh is on his throne in heaven next to a guardian cherubim angel. God is baptizing Elijah’s water-soaked altar and bull sacrifice with a blazing firefall. Elijah is on the right kneeling in prayer. The rod and staff at his feet represent his prophetic leadership mantle, and the fire dove is the Holy Spirit hovering over Elijah representing the power and holiness of God upon him. The wet altar and river moat are all burning with fire. Scripture says that Yahweh’s fire completely consumed the cut up bull, stone altar, and water. The two people on the left of the altar with their hands on their heads represent the people of Israel witnessing the power of God and repenting of their rebellion to worship demon gods.

The two men with a sword and spear next to a dry altar represent the hundreds of Baal prophets who cried out to their demon god and cut themselves until rivers of blood flowed from them. Jesus and a guardian angel are in the background gesturing to Yahweh as a sign that we should pay attention to this story, learn from Israel’s failures, and devote ourselves completely to worshipping the one true God. The glowing mountain represents God’s glory and victory being demonstrated unforgettably through this faith-testing story.

Elijah’s Fire Mountain story sketches:

Sketch #1: Water & fire sacrifice – This sketch is the story logo. This sketch illustrates Elijah’s instructions to the people of Israel to soak his sacrifice three times with water.

Sketch #2: Demon prophet – This sketch illustrates the first part of the story where Elijah and the people of Israel gather on Mount Carmel with the demon god Baal’s prophets.

Sketch #3: Fire – This sketch illustrates the second part of the story where Elijah prays, and Yahweh baptizes his water-soaked sacrifice altar with a flow of heavenly fire.

Sketch #4: Sword & cloud – This sketch illustrates the third part of the story where Elijah massacres the demon god’s prophets, prays seven times for rain, and ends the drought.

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