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When Yahweh pronounced judgment upon Satan, Adam, and Eve in the Garden of Eden for their rebellion against him, he prophesied that one of Eve’s descendants would crush Satan’s head (Genesis 3:15). Because God is holy, he separated mankind from himself, and throughout Israel’s history, he placed a curtain between his holy presence in the Tabernacle’s Holy of holies and his people (Exodus 26). If anyone attempted to enter his presence and see his glory except the high priest in each generation, they would die immediately (Exodus 33:20). This story culminates four millennia of God’s people waiting to be fully reconciled to him and be with their God in his presence (Hebrews 10:19). Jesus had to die, or we could not be with God.

Jesus on the cross is crying out “It is finished!” which is illustrated by the broken chains representing that his work of salvation for mankind was complete when he died. The Roman soldier next to the cross is releasing his faith and said, “Surely this man is God’s son.” The woman at Jesus’ feet represents his family and friends present at his crucifixion. They witnessed and testified about his death.

The dragon with the blood stained sword represents the devil’s premature celebration that he had succeeded in killing God’s messiah. He was wrong; he had simply fulfilled the Genesis 3 prophecy that he would bruise the heel of God’s messiah, but his head was crushed by the Christ at Calvary. The open chasm and the demons burning in hell represent the reminder God gave the devil at this moment that his destiny is to be sealed up in hell forever. The angel and the man standing outside the empty tomb represent the dead that were raised for a time after Jesus’ death and appeared to many as a sign of Christ’s resurrection that was to come.

The glowing blood river flowing from the feet of Jesus and going underneath the Temple represents the complete and perfect sacrifice of Jesus atoning for mankind’s sin. The hands tearing the curtain from top to bottom represents Father Yahweh accepting the death and blood sacrifice of his son as payment for mankind’s sin. The Holy Spirit on the path from the Temple into God’s presence with the seraphim by his side represents the new and living way open through Christ’s blood into God’s presence and foreshadowing Pentecost Day where Jesus’ first disciples would receive the Holy Spirit in and upon them to be his witnesses and work miracles.

Jesus Christ Dies story sketches:

Sketch #1: Jesus crying out – This sketch is the story logo. This sketch illustrates Jesus’ final words on the cross that his work was finished, and salvation for mankind was achieved.

Sketch #2: Cross – This sketch illustrates the first part of the story where Jesus dies on the cross.

Sketch #3: Torn veil – This sketch illustrates the second part of the story where many signs accompanied Jesus’ death such as an earthquake, the dead raised, and the torn temple veil.

Sketch #4: Roman soldier – This sketch illustrates the third part of the story where Jesus’ family and friends wept at his death, and the pagan Roman soldier believed in Jesus as God’s son.

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Prophetic Prayer >

Heavenly Father, we cry out to you as a people for forgiveness for all the sins of our generation. We put you on that cross, Jesus. Our sins nailed your hands to the cross, and as we crushed you with all the sins of all humanity for all history past, present, and future until Judgment Day, you cried out with your last breath, “It is finished!” You overcame the grave, and you paid our debt and set us free and gave us victory!

Thank you, precious Lord Jesus.

Father, we humbly ask you for an acceleration of the Great Commission in our generation until there’s No Place Left! Here we are, send us out. We will not look to a future generation to end the Great Commission, and we will not leave the spreading of the Good Friday and Easter Sunday gospel to anyone else. Use our mouths, anoint our tongues, and embolden our feet in the name of Jesus Christ!

How many more Good Friday services will there be, O Lord? Though we know that we will always for all eternity remember how Jesus became the slain Lamb, there will be a day with no more mission to spread the gospel because the whole church will have finally taken the gospel to everyone on earth. Let us be that generation, blessed King of kings. Pour out your Holy Spirit upon us, and baptize us with faith and boldness to lay every thing down and cast all hindrances aside and finish the race that our forefathers began to run two thousand years ago.

It’s been a long race, Lord, and we are a tired and desperate people. But through the power of your Holy Spirit, we release our faith that the end is coming soon. Find us faithful to abide in your heart every day and obey your commands. Help us take captive every day for the multiplication of your glory until there’s No Place Left in the mighty saving name of Jesus Christ, amen!

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