Calming The Storm Story


Calming The Storm

This Bible story is all about the Father displaying his power and glory through his Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus Christ has power over creation. Jesus’ disciples are legitimately afraid for their lives while on a small boat in the middle of a massive storm. Their last hope is to wake up their miracle working leader and beg him to save them. With three words, Jesus commands the raging storm to cease, “Peace! Be still!”

In the master icon, we see Jesus releasing the power of the Holy Spirit to calm the storm. The disciples are terrified and ask, “Who is this man whom the sea and wind obey?” So many people in this generation are thirsty for a God who intervenes and releases them from spiritual captivity. Most of the time, they are blind to their own bondage. Share this story and sketches with people who need to know about God’s power and peace.

Calming the Storm story sketches:

Sketch #1: Jesus, boat, sea, & storm – This picture is the story logo. This sketch illustrates the distinct moment in this story when Jesus speaks to the storm.

Sketch #2: Jesus, disciples, & boat – This picture illustrates the first part of the story where Jesus and his disciples leave the crowds, climb into a boat, and cross over to the other side of the sea.

Sketch #3: Cloud & lightning bolt – This picture illustrates the second part of the story where the disciples wake up Jesus. He calms the storm and sea.

Sketch #4: Sun & water – This picture illustrates the calm sea and clear day that resulted from Jesus’ commands. Remember to share Jesus’ question about his disciples’ faith and their question about his true identity.

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Calming The Storm

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