Babylon King Gold Statue Story

Babylon King Gold Statue

You are a young captive to a pagan king in a foreign land. Though you grew up following Yahweh, the one true God and creator of everything, this king and the people of his kingdom worship many gods and have thousands of idol worship shrines. One day this king builds a gold idol the size of a huge building and orchestrates a dedication service where every honored and respected leader in the realm is commanded to come and worship this idol. When the music starts, everyone is instructed to bow down and worship this idol. According to the king’s proclamation, whoever does not bow down must die by burning alive in a fiery furnace.

The music starts, and everyone bows down and worships except for you and your two friends. Your reverence for Yahweh far outweighs the fear of death or suffering, and God’s Spirit has given you faith and boldness to be convinced that your God is greater than any other, and he will rescue you from your enemies. The king is enraged and threatens you once more with death if you do not obey him. You and your friends do not relent, and the king throws your bodies into a fire so hot its flames burn to death the guards that threw you inside.

Miraculously, there is no pain, and you do not die. A man picks you up off the ground and invites you to walk around the furnace with him. You have no idea what is going on. You just know that your God has intervened, and he is sustaining your life as your body is surrounded by the hottest, deadliest flames on earth that mankind can stoke. The king sees you and, in total shock, calls out to you and asks you to leave the furnace. With his own eyes, this devil-worshipping king just witnessed how Yahweh’s kingdom and power are infinitely greater and stronger than what he can manipulate with his impressive wealth and authority.

So often we try to teach people about God and his kingdom without helping them discover him through personal experience. God is not far away, and he has not forsaken us. He is here, he is everywhere, and he is still speaking today. As we make disciples of all nations, let us help our family, friends, and neighbors experience the love and power of our Father and his amazing kingdom of salvation, deliverance, wisdom, and miracles!

Babylon King’s Gold Statue story sketches:

Sketch #1: Idol & worshippers – This picture is the story logo. This sketch illustrates King Nebuchadnezzar’s gold idol and the pagan worshippers.

Sketch #2: Idol, pagan, & Jew – This sketch illustrates the first part of the story where the Babylonian leaders bow down and worship the idol but Shadrach and his friends do not.

Sketch #3: Flames – This sketch illustrates the second part of the story where King Nebuchadnezzar threatens the young Jews with death and throws them into the fire furnace.

Sketch #4: Open door – This sketch illustrates the third part of the story where the king sees God’s son rescue the young Jews. He releases them and honors them with gifts and authority.

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Babylon King Gold Statue


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